SWC Online Master Classes and Workshops

We know we can’t replace the experience of gathering in Sewanee this July, but we’re excited to offer an opportunity for learning and community via a series of online master classes this summer, taught by writers, editors, agents, and theater professionals. Registration will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, with a cost of $75 for each two hours of a session. Register for classes that explore everything from using theater for social change to how to write a pitch, in addition to small workshops. These events are open to all writers.

Master Classes and Workshops Will Include:
- "How to Submit Your Work to Agents" w. Erin Harris
- "From Manuscript to Publication: An Author, Editor, and Agent Discuss the Birth of a Book" w. Chloe Benjamin, Sally Kim, and Margaret Riley King
- "What to Expect Once You Have an Agent" w. Michelle Brower
- "The Poet’s Toolkit: A Generative Workshop" w. Monica Youn
- "Play Production 101" w. Beth Blickers
- "Staging the Impossible: Theater as a Tool for Social Engagement" w. Darcy Parker Bruce
- "Liminal Spaces and Rites of Passage: World-Building and Guiding Characters Through the Unknown" w. Darcy Parker Bruce
- "Unconventional Approaches to Ekphrastic Poetry" w. Adam Vines
- "Fiction Workshop Intensive" w. Jill McCorkle FULL
- "Pitch On: How to Successfully Query Magazines & Websites" w. Alyssa Konermann
- "Gusto in Meaning: What This Editor Hopes For In All Three Genres" w. Speer Morgan
- "How to Catch an Agent’s Eye with Your Opening Pages" w. Renée Zuckerbrot FULL
- "‘Who Am I?’: Character On Stage" w. Dan O’Brien
- "Sell Your Show” w. Jessica St. Clair
- "The Art of the Query Letter (and anything else you ever wanted to know about how publishing really works)" w. Anjali Singh
- "Fiction Workshop Intensive" w. Katie Kitamura FULL
- "The Art of the Pitch: How to Free Your Story Description from Chronology" w. Liz Van Hoose
- "(Re)considering inclusion and diversity in your writing" w. Sharrell Luckett