Course of Study

The daily schedule begins with morning workshops and continues in the afternoon with special topics classes, fellow and staff readings, craft lectures, and evening faculty readings. Each workshop consists of 12 participants and is led by two faculty members. Workshops meet five times, on alternating days, to form the core of the 12-day program. Writers also benefit from an hour-long individual meeting with a faculty member and a half-hour individual meeting with a fellow to discuss their manuscript in depth.

The 2022 workshop faculty pairings will be:

Chris Bachelder & Katie Kitamura
Venita Blackburn & Luis Alberto Urrea
Sarah Shun-lien Bynum & Holly Goddard Jones
Adrianne Harun & Jess Walter
Vanessa Hua & Maurice Carlos Ruffin

Jericho Brown & Caki Wilkinson
Eduardo C. Corral & Monica Youn
Tarfia Faizullah & Carl Phillips

Alexander Chee & Lacy M. Johnson
Alex Marzano-Lesnevich & Elena Passarello

Nathan Alan Davis & Liliana Padilla
David Adjmi & Talene Monahon
Professional actors will assist the playwriting workshop.

In addition to workshops, daily craft lectures will delve into writing techniques and challenges. Our craft lectures will include:

    • Vanessa Hua, “Model Minorities Behaving Badly: Subverting Myth”
    • Lacy M. Johnson, “Refracted: Trauma as a Lens for the Self and the World”
    • Holly Goddard Jones, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying (as much) and Love Exposition”
    • Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, “Imagined Histories: Confronting Silences in Nonfiction”
    • Elena Passarello, “Where Essay and Theater Intersect”
    • Maurice Carlos Ruffin, “Sex, Race, and Power: Writing About Taboos”

We will also offer special topics classes taught by faculty, visitors, and fellows. Our special topics classes will include:

    • Abdul Ali, “The Necessity of Mapping Your Own Literary Genealogy”
    • Anna Lena Phillips Bell, “Reclaiming Meter: Metrical Strategies for Poems that Live in the World”
    • Millicent Bennett, “Behind the Curtain: How Acquisitions Decisions Get Made”
    • Beth Blickers, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Playwriting Career”
    • Michelle Brower “What to Expect Once You Have an Agent”
    • Jericho Brown, “Nonsense and Senselessness”
    • Sarah Burnes, “How to Write a NF Proposal”
    • George David Clark, “Free Beats: Strategies of Rhythm for Free Verse Poets”
    • Erin Harris, "How to Submit Your Work to Agents"
    • Vanessa Hua, “Setting and Sensibility”
    • Jessica Faust, “Behind the Editor’s Desk: What the Career of a Full-Time Editor Looks Like”
    • Lacy M. Johnson, “Write What You Dig: The Essay as Excavation” 
    • Margaret Riley King, “Finding an Agent”
    • Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, “Writing Family Members as Characters”
    • Naysan Mojgani, “How to Make Friends and Influence Theaters: A Guide to Best Practices”
    • Elena Passarello, “Anne Carson's Short Talks”
    • Maurice Carlos Ruffin, “Starting and Finishing Stories”
    • Anjali Singh, "The Art of the Query Letter (and anything else you ever wanted to know about how publishing really works)"
    • Adam Vines, “Unconventional Approaches to Ekphrastic Poetry”
    • Caki Wilkinson, “Dynamic Revision”
    • Ginny Smith Younce, “What to Expect When You Work with a Publisher”
    • Felicia Zamora, “A Ledge of Our Own Making: Mining Tensions by Exploring Risk, Vulnerability, Wonder, and Necessity in Poetry”